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I am currently in need of the following products: 1. OSB panels 2. Spruce wood panels 3. Larch facade boards 4.Plywood Thank you for your assistance.

We are procedures of aluminum furniture looking to buy new machinery mostly automatic machines to avoid a much as possible hand workers.

I need a machine according to the specifications in the attachment. Please answer about the possibility of making such a machine and selling it to us.

Sir , we will want to export Turkish yellow cheese to other countries , we need to obtain samples of especially yellow cheese made mainly from Sheep milk. Also Cow milk cheese and goat apart. Please mention your best export price per kilos in Euros. Regards

Hello, my company is interested in purchasing carbonated soft drink, country of origin, Turkey, 2 liter bottle format and 350 ml can, CIF price Santiago de Cuba

We are looking for industrial glue/adhesives.

I need oil and air filters and diesel wholesale prices

We need a carbon steel pipe manufacturer bulk purchase for Azerbaijan ********* +994***********2 watsap numaram

Basically what I need is is a supplier for the following: A complete LPG gás cylinder filling line to my client in Angola/Africa A complete equipment for LPG gás cylinder filling line to my client in Angola/Africa With following caracteristics: 1.How large is the site area, the area of land where the gas project will be implemented is 55,000 m2 2. 12/13kg cylinder and 45/50kg cyliner layout planning). We do not have a layout, we hope that you will present us with a plan and based on your layout plan, we will build the Warehouse for the filling line. 3. general flow chart Basically we don't have it, we wanted it from you.

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