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We now have a sewer manhole replacement project that requires 3,000 steps to attach to the concrete manhole. If you're manufacturing the mentioned type of steps, please send us an offer with manufacturing time, loading conditions and certificates. A sample drawing is attached.

I am looking for a manufacturer of donor blood in Turkey red blood cell mass/donor blood itself donor blood / packed red blood cells for cats Georgia

I'm writing to you From Georgia. We want XPS large quantities. XPS 9CM - 1000M2 XPS 6CM - 1000M2 XPS 5 CM - 500M2 (-+50M2)

Can you produce 100% silk scarves with designs I will send? And what about pricing?

I am looking for industrial iron construction to import in Georgia usually I want import it, at this stage for 2000 m2 warehouse

I am looking forward some company who has a cheap perfume. I want to export this products in Georgia. large quantities

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