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Hello, I am looking for shop accessories - sign clips, black signs, shelf label, label holders and more. I am a trader and need wholesale prices for export.

I am interested in companies which are producing trailers for 3,5t which are used for building tiny houses.Also interested in the metal framing for the houses.I know there are also companies that you can order tiny house framing(different models) and trail and they can send the walls and the trailed disassembled in main components so it is easy to transport.This is also an option. Mainly interested in trailers, which can come in parts and on place to be assembled(easy transport).Already ready trailers would be an option too.The lengths are from 4-8m.They should have all the certificates to be registered in EU.

I’m interested of cotton special baby sets for newborn - 0-3m for boys. I’ll be happy if you send me catalog on “what’s up”.

I want to purchase rockwool, please tell your delivery terms for rolls with 50mm thickness. Felt made of glass wool For thermal insulation of pellet boilers. Laminating top/visible side black glass silk fabric. Temperature behaviour: Upper application limit temperature 150 °C.

I want to ask you if you can find me Hydrocarbons, C6-C7, n-alkanes, isoalkanes, cyclics.

We are looking for Titanium sheets ASTM B338 GR1, with applied appropriate coating for Alkaline electrolyzers.

My name is ****** ****and I am a buyer at ***** Trading FZE. Our investors intend to set up a bakery and confectionery manufacturing company in Bulgaria. For this purpose we are currently looking for suitable suppliers of raw materials. We would like to know more about your offer for hen eggs. We are interested in eggs that are fresh and of high quality and are most suitable for the production of our products.

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