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I need help Perforated cable tray GKT-B30D is a channel made of metal, which includes straight elements with perforated base. It is used for installation and laying of insulated electrical cables indoors and outdoors. It is made from rolled steel sheets 2 mm thick. The methods used for corrosion protection are galvanizing methods. Hot-dip galvanizing (TS 914 standard EN ISO 1461, coating thickness 55-120 µm.) Technical characteristics: Tray height 60 mm; Tray width 300 mm; Tray length 3 m; Steel sheet thickness 2.0 mm; Load capacity up to 250 kg/m Corrosion protection: hot galvanized

Hello, I am looking for display refrigerators for drinks Ale********* c******** 87****** Display refrigerator for lemonades quantity 15-20 pcs I can attach an approximate photo

Please provide a detailed RFQ for Almond flour wholesale. The quote should include itemized costs, expected delivery dates, and any available volume discounts.

Hello, I would like to know more about cooperation and a price offer.

Hello, I would like to know more about cooperation and a price offer.

I need spare parts for Hino 300 I'm looking for spare parts for commercial vehicles Hino 300 O**** *****, +7701*******, ****_o*****, spare parts for Hino 300, I have a spare parts store and I need suppliers of spare parts made in Türkiye

We need spare parts for ISUZU D MAX 2022 At first time retail In the future we will buy in bulk

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