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I need Colored bag PP/ Mash bags for vegetables and fruits made of polypropylene thread/ White polypropylene PP bags from primary raw materials.

We are a fire safety company. We are interested in these products: Fire extinguisher OP-2(z) = 3000 pieces. Fire extinguisher OP-4(z) = 500 pieces. Fire extinguisher OP-5(z) = 1000 pieces. Fire extinguisher OP-6(z) = 500 pieces. Fire extinguisher OP-10(z) = 500 pieces. and other fire fighting equipment. Supplies are needed on an ongoing basis.

"Hello! We are a metalwork manufacturing company from the Republic of Moldova and we deal in rectangular metal profiles of the following sizes: 40x40x1.5; 40x20x1.5; 60x30x1.5; 80x20x1.5; 100201.5."

I am looking for a wholesale supplier of caustic soda and urea for our plant. Monthly volumes: - Caustic soda flakes - 9000 kg -Carbamide, grade A - 12500 kg We are ready to consider various delivery/sale options once a month/every 3 months. I'm waiting for your proposal.

I need to find a manufacturer and integrator for a sweets production line +373****5 m********** We are interested in purchasing an automated chocolate sweets production line. Our final product is a sweet consisting of prune puree encrusting a hazelnut and covered in chocolte. The production process includes the following stages: Washing prunes. Drying for 1,5-2,5 minutes at 120-150 degrees Celsius. Grinding prunes into puree. Encrusting hazelnut into the paste. Chocolate glazing. Cooling. Depositing sweets into box (using a manipulator) For our production, we need an automated line with a capacity of at least 10,000 candies per hour. The whole production line has to be automated and engineered as a continuous flow. The candies must be automatically packed into cardboard boxes with internal compartments, with 15 candies in each box We request a preliminary commercial offer for this production line. We would also like to conduct testing on a demo machine.

We have 0,5 ha of own land Nd would like to develop a small pension. Do you have prefab A frame wood, or Canadian style, or container style houae to be exported to Moldova. Pls send a link to your works or models.

Please provide me price and conditions of purchasing galvanized steel sheet 0,7mm (and 0,8mm) thickness. The quality of the sheet is necessary for subsequent cold molding. The quantity for the first shipment is 6 tons. Next shipments plan - 20 tons/months. Terms of delivery - EXW.

Hello. I will be glad to cooperate with you in the direction of auto parts for BMW to Moldova

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