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We are a new fashion brand seeking manufacturers for a low quantity order. We are currently looking to produce 20 pieces of white long sleeve shirts. Soon, we will also request an additional order of approximately 20 t-shirts, for which the sewing pattern is currently under development. Attached, you will find the tech pack and sewing pattern for the long sleeve shirts. We look forward to your quotes and collaboration.

Please price list coffee from Turkey for Estonia v*****.********@****.ru

I am interested in producing a small batch of white long sleeve shirts, specifically around 20 pieces. The sewing pattern and tech pack for this project are ready: contact me and I will send them.

I am searching for production of white 100% cotton long sleeve.

I'm looking for factories for making mosaic lamps in Turkey

price list coffe and cardaon and bergamot for estonia.europe.

hi! I'm looking for dropshipping lingerie/women's underwear suppliers from Turkey

I am searching steel door profiles manufacturing companies. We are interested in importing insulated and uninsulated steel door profiles.

We are interested in Eurosalt Aquamarine® Salt Tablets. Please advise the information below: 1. Price on FOB (pls mention port of loading) and CFR Tallinn, mentioning the order minimum quantity and how much tons you load in one container. 2. From what salt the tablets are made, is it pure dryied vacuum salt or sea/lake salt? 3. What packaging is available, size and material size, pallets (size) 4. Size of tablets: diameter, weight, depth

Hi! How much is the cost of 1000 pairs of black/white wool socks? Is there a possibility to send the socks to different addresses across Europe in pairs of four? Thank you for your time!

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