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My company is interested in purchasing Oil seals: PTFE 50*72*8 - 30 pcs PTFE 50*68*8 - 10 pcs PTFE 125*150*10 - 10 pcs Could you please put me in touch with the appropriate person?

I am looking for a cylindrical bobbins producer. I would like to purchase a large quantity. WW-A 25/30 M6x18 NK55- for qty 50 000/ 100 000 pcs and 240 000 pcs. I have a drawing- it is a standard part.

Our company is interested in establishing long-term cooperation with your company regarding the purchase of your products for further distribution in the Republic of Poland. We kindly request the following information about your products: Paper weight Paper density Trim width on the reel Whiteness We are also interested in purchasing prices based on the delivery volume (in euros) and the lead time for the required products. Please send information about the products, cooperation terms, and order fulfillment deadlines to the email address: **********

we are looking for reliable ceramic drop in washbasins suppliers. We are a furniture distributor and our current chinese suppliers don t meet our standards. We would like to recive a product catalog and some basic informations about your company. Best regards, Ka*********

I am looking for a supplier of extension cords with European standards large quantities we are from Poland We are a large lighting company and we are looking for a large supplier. We would like to establish permanent cooperation ****.*******@****.pl

I am looking for supplier from Turkey who produce ceiling moulding, see photos , drawing in attached file , we are wholesaler Let me know if you can find producer

I am looking for a French painter hat producer I want to receive around 100 pieces monthly. I would like to know the cost

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