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hi i am looking for messy freginson tayb 240 new

hi i am looking for messy fregenson tayb 240 new pric if you can help thank you

I would like to receive a quote for 1 container the CIF port of Haifa 5 tons 16X05 bk 10 tons 19X06 bk 5 tons 19X06 zinc 5 tons 32X08 bk rib My request is for steel strapping

I'm looking for glass cups for drinking Do you have a catalog?

As the Import Manager of MTL-Middle Trade Ltd, I send you this email hoping to establish a business cooperation with your company, to import your Golden Breadcrumbs to Israel. MTL Middle Trade is an international trading company based in Israel, sourcing and importing a variety of products for our customers. We currently have a request for Breadcrumbs for Retail market in 200gr / 300gr / 500gr, under the customer’s private label. MOQ 20’ container.

We are B*** ( b***.co/)and we are looking for narrow continuous dyeing machinefor polyamide narrow woven fabrics 200 - 500 mm in width. If you can supplynarrow continuous dyeing machine I will be happy to hear from you.

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