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Please let me know if you produce baler twine with dimensions of 600 m/kg, 1000 m/kg, bobbin of 5 kg Thank you very much!

We have a laboratory project for our school laboratory class. We need companies that provide lobbying services for schools. You can reach us via WhatsApp

I am interested in importing to Romania 22 tons of pipe 60x40x1.5mm.

We need an RFQ for Shoes that outlines all costs, delivery schedules, and any additional fees or terms associated with the purchase. Chaussures McQueen Versace Etc Vêtements Louis Vuitton Karl Lagerfeld Etc

Hello! Sorry for disturbing. I am interested in a special night dress (a long one), preferably green or blue. I live in Romania. Do you have something available for sale that can be delivered, or can you help me with a personalized order that can be delivered to my country? Thank you.

Our organization is interested in skirt set and requires an RFQ to proceed with the procurement process. Include all relevant pricing and delivery details. Chaussures McQueen Versace Etc Vêtements Louis Vuitton Karl Lagerfeld Etc

We are Importer ******** Distribution SRL Romania I am looking for a manufacturer that can provide Inflatable PVC cylinder, bright orange colour, designed to signal turns in sailing races. The size should be 80 cm diameter, 120 cm height with 4 anchoring points in the lower part suport@*****.ro contact@****.ro v****@******.ro

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