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We would like to purchase I-beams that are 400 mm in width and 12 meters in length. Each beam weighs 800 kg. We would like to purchase 100 tons of I-beams. Please advise us of your best offer.

We look for the following Item we want continuous order 1st order 400 cartons can we know its weight, size and best price PET box like this, without brand, from any company is OK

We need your help we have our light fire light bricks We need to make training to our engineers Can you help This training will be for few days we need your experience Our factory in Iraq

we need good prices of Elring parts. we have ready order . if you are interested i will send the order

I need medical equipment in large quantities We are a maintenance and manufacturing company for medical tools and devices in northern Syria I am in Syria next to Reyhanliyya

How much electricity will it consume? I want to heat a 100-square-meter hall using an electric mat Under the carpet how much does it coast

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