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Send me listing please Auto parts generally Renault Peugeot etc Listing with prices

We are a company from Algeria. We need your assistance. We are looking for a revolving door for a hotel entrance in Algiers.

We are a fairly active company in Tunisia in the field of carpets and we are looking for a quantity of 7500 m2 in a first location, i.e. a 40 foot container Rug in Frisée Quality with carving; raw material polypropylene - weight: 2100gr/m2 - lancet 22 mins Rug in shaggy quality - polyester raw material - weight 1800 gr/m2 - lancet 56 mm Mat in heateset + shrink: MP heateset - polyester shrink - weight: 1800gr/m2 - lancet 38 mm Type of packaging: rolling the mat into a pile out + 2 labels: 1 label on the surface of the mat + 1 label under the plastic packaging

I want an invoice and specifications of the machine for making electric poles for the streets

Algeria, the huge country, which lacks industrial and factories in all sectors, is very interesting in all Turkish works to build a national territory and sea

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