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We had a few questions about prayer rug manufacturing. Please sent a message to meet via WhatsApp at a convenient time.

I am interested in finding a supplier for nice embroidered Abaya that can pass as high quality products. It would be great to see some examples of your supplies and see if it fits my market requirements. Thank you.

i'd like to get some pet products made harnesses, collars, leashes, dog walking bag

I am after silk and crêpe polyester large square scarves 150x150 cm and shawls 180x80 cm printed and plain to Australia. Quality is the main aim. Do you supply such products?

We are looking for a manufacture and fabric supplier. Do you just supply fabrics? We would like swatches of you r nylon fabrics used in activewear and underwear. If this something you can help us with?

My name is C*********, Merchandiser for H********* Ltd. I am currently looking for a full 20ft container or 40 feet of cooking oil to be shipped to Toamasina, Madagascar. Is this something you could supply me with, on a regular basis (about once a month or once every two months)? Here are my questions: 1. Can you provide us with oil with our customized label and address? 2. Does 18MT fit in a container of 20 feet, if not how much fits? 3. I need 10MT of 1L of cooking oil with our customised contact details 4MT of 3L of cooking oil with our customised contact details 4MT of 20L gallons or boxes with our customised address, Can you provide this? 4, If ever we can buy in bulk, can you propose the most efficient way to buy it please I hope to hear from you as soon as possible with a quote (CIF Madagascar) on my query because we intend to buy it if the price is good.

I’m looking for corn cooking oil for my destination Melbourne, Sydney port one container if you can give me your price please

We are whole salers I want to import corn oil Per ton cooking corn oil in 5L bottles. How much is a ton delivered to Melbourne Australia?

Hello, I am interested in pashmina shawls and the cotton shawls, and wanted to see some images you have of them, including designs and colours.

We are a yarn company in Australia looking to purchase high quality chenille and acrylic yarn. Approximately 1 tonne every 2 months. 100 grams, 120 metres per piece. Custom labels required. Sample needed prior to bulk order. FOB

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