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We are a company from Russia. Now we start a new project and that is why we are interested in your goods. Please contact me in any way you like.

I am looking for manufacturers of shaving foam for production under our TM.

Interested in wholesale supplies of underwear for girls! How to get your prices and conditions?

We are interested in sourcing Circular Peeling Teethed-Saw Blades, both with and without Teeth-Soldering (carbide coated and diamond coated) and Knives for conversion of lumbers into veneer sheets. Due to your specialization, we are keen to explore the possibility of sourcing this equipment from your plant. Could you please confirm if your company has the capability of manufacture and supply the following items: 1. Circular Peeling Teethed-Saw Blades with Teeth Soldering (carbide coated and diamond coated): 80-1000mm 2. Circular Peeling Teethed-Saw Blades without Teeth Soldering (High-Speed Steel (HSS) and Standard Steel (SS)): 1500-2000mm 3. Knives for converting lumbers or logs to veneer sheets

We are interesting in cooperation with your company in frames of parts for: starters, clutch discs, flywheels. For now we are looking for: ring gear for flywheel, drive shafts for starters, release bearing. Could you please forward the message to responsible person and contact me?

Hello, I am looking for information about Turkish companies that produce drainage trays (surface drainage) made of concrete, polymer concrete and plastic (recycled polypropylene).

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