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Looking to import ceramic,Terracotta,clay vases to Maurtius in 1 x20' container. Sizes 55x55x82 cm, 53x56x100 cm,50x50x77 cm.Please quote best fob price for this quantity for whatever designs you may offer.

I’m looking for a supplier in porcelain tiles like the one provided in the photo.

Send me price for I-beam 254x146x37kgs, 305x102x33kgs and 457x152x52 kgs

My name is N********, and I am reaching out from T******** Ltd, based in Mauritius. We sell under our own brand, ************. We operate nine shops at present and have plans for further expansion. Therefore, we are interested in establishing a partnership with suppliers who can meet our growing needs. Specifically, we are looking for suppliers who can provide: • Detailed information on the types of woven and knitted garments offered. • Minimum order quantities and pricing, with our MOQ being 200-250 pcs per style. • Production and delivery lead times. • Quality assurance processes. • Information on your sample development process and any associated fees. • Any certifications or compliance standards you adhere to. We are keen on establishing a long-term business relationship and would appreciate it if you could share your catalog or product samples with us.

I am from the Republic of Mauritius and use to have a lingerie shop before tye covid but had to close down. I am investigating potential to relaunch the business. Hence I am looking for manufacturers n wholesalers in that field.

Hello. I’m in the distribution of frozen products. I’m in need of a cold room. Contact me and i’ll give you the details about the dimensions

Hello. I have a clothing business. I’m in need of clothing kinds. I need mostly oversized tshirts.

I have a distribution company. I’m in need of a cold room. Please contact me on whatsapp or by email

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