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do you have any parts for fuar stand? for examples: glass curtain spider please sent me its pictures and size, we can buy profiller & parts from you

One of my client is interested in a Turkish hot ball advertising, I'm wondering if anyone can help to send media sheet with price?

Im looking for fruits puree manufactures For importing to Japan

i want to supply hijab for my business! please lemme know if it’s possible:)

Are there any manufacturer that produces calcium silicate board for interior wall, not for the heat insulation? Board whose thickness is somewhere between 6~9mm. in bulk for a hospital in Iraq. Not for personal housing.

This is ******, importers of functional food ingredients in Japan. We have a demand for Dried Tomato Seed expired for Germination. Please quote C&F Tokyo by air for 500kg lot and C&F Yokohama by sea for 2,000 kgs lot. Please also send us photo of the product.

Looking for truck tire casings (used truck tires) exporter in Turkey Truck tire casings for retread. 315/80R22.5 Quantity: Can buy even 100 x 40HC loads (23,200 pcs) or more if supply is enough. Destination is for USA.

is there any company making Freeze dried white tomato ? I'm looking for Freeze dried white tomato Large qunities

We look for Dried Tomato Seeds for extraction of functional components. We shall be pleased if you quote C&F air for 1,000kg lot. Please send us specifications and inform shhipping lead time.

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