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give me the number of the lpg gas cylinder factory i want to buy 2 lpg gas cylinder containers

We are a Honduran company, we are dedicated to the import and marketing of Plastic for agricultural use. We are interested in acquiring silver/black Plastic Mulch (Mulch) of 1m and 1.20m, smooth and pre-marked.

I want to enquire about your LDPE scraps prices. im interested in amounts of LDPE.

Hi I want to buy vineleaves 20 foot container if you have a diferent products to make a 40 foot container

We need to know your Item that more Productin that you have it in your Factory. We are Looking :pots, frying pans or items for cooking food,

I need information about locations in Istanbul since I travel to look for shoe suppliers

Hello I am interested in buying a product from Türkiye, I need to contact suppliers This is A** C*** From Honduras. I work at the supermarket L*** C*******. We have 60 stores and I am interested in buying products from Turkey such as oils, cookies, snacks, etc.

Good Day my name is O*** A***** i work at imports in the Largest Supermarket Chain in Honduras. We have currently 60 stores but we open from 5 to 6 new stores a year. We are interested in exporting grocerys, Health and beauty items, general merchandising items and more categorys for our supermarket from turkey. Please email me if you can exports this items.

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