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We are located in Ivory Coast, West Africa. We are a whole seller and distributor of different products. We are looking for the Spaghetti and Macaroni to import for our region. Our import covers at the moment, Russia, Turkey, Tunisia and others. We need Spaghetti of Gurum Wheat, Semolina in 200gm packets, 20 FT container. In one master carton 40 packets. And Macaroni we need of 10 LBS, which is called 5KG of packet. You can quote CIF or C&F Tema, Ghana Port. We will also need you to let us know in 20 FT container how much TON you can load of 200gm Spaghetti? And also to send us the calculation of the Macaroni of the 20FT, how many cartons, packets and TON can be loaded in 20FT, and also in 40 FT.

I'm looking for quality shoes for babies, children and teenagers, to buy in bulk.

I'm looking for quality clothes for babies, children and teenagers, to buy in bulk.

I would like to purchase polo shirts from different brands, such as Lacoste and Tommy.

I am looking for a possible supplier of welding electrodes in order to impose this product if we find it good on our national market and why not in the sub-region thank you

I am a trader in Ivory Coast I am looking for a wholesaler of men's and women's clothing I am available on ******* and +225************

I am Ms. ***, manager of the **** **** company. I would like to have a contact for the purchase of front door locks

I am looking for a manufacturer for mosquito and cockroach killing spray manufacturer for my private label.

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