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I wanted to get price information about the make-up materials. They will be shipped to Nigeria. My Email Address is My Company in Germany

This is M*********** and I hope this email finds you well. We are writing to request a price quotation for the production of a: 5052 Aluminum Alloy Wire, OD 0.2mm, 28 tons. Unit price: ??? USD/ton Total price:  ???? USD and we would be grateful for your help in estimating the price of this project.

I am looking for a textile manufacturing company to produce and deliver for a streetwear brand in Germany. Can you help me?

I want to bring Red Bull from Turkey, can you help me with this? I want to buy Red Bull wholesale. I live in Germany and I want to bring the products to Germany.

Please send us your best offer for 20.000 kg of IPA product along with its TDS and payment and delivery conditions.

I'd like to know if you have this Holset turbo charger with this serial number 4039743. Please, let me know about its delivery time and the price. I'm waiting for your reply.

******** develops and manufactures leveling machines and decoiling lines to process metal sheets and coils. My job is to build up the strategic purchasing and to find new partners in order to cover our future needs. Currently I am seeking for shears with following specification: Shears for scrapping material at the beginning and end Stroke rate: 8 strokes/min Clearance when feeding material: approx. 75 mm Manual cutting gap adjustment Option: motorized cutting gap adjustment Frame construction prepared for on-site console

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