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i need deutz spare parts S N NAME Spare part number unit quantity 1 Engine overhaul package 01340616 EACH 1 2 Inlet valve 04285263 EACH 4 3 Exhaust valve 04285957 EACH 4 4 Cylinder gasket 04292651 EACH 1 5 Cylinder liner 04253772 EACH 4 6 Piston pin 04200139 EACH 1 7 Piston 04501352 EACH 4 8 Valve swing clamp ring 01148842 EACH 8 9 Connecting rod bolt 04200468 EACH 8 10 Oil pan pad 04204458 EACH 1 11 Oil nozzle 04290986 EACH 4 12 Valve chamber cover pad 04291468 EACH 1 13 Supercharger interface pad 04283303 EACH 1 14 Drive disc stud 01113483 EACH 12 15 Hexagon nut 1136453 EACH 12 16 Valve spring seat 04290032 EACH 8 17 Spring seat circlip 04292209 EACH 8 18 Fuel nozzle gasket 04291400 EACH 4 19 sensor 04199447 EACH 1 20 Flywheel end oil seal 04907773 EACH 1

Please may you quote me for an ice cube making machine that can produce 1000kg per day for delivery to Harare, Zimbabwe

I want to brand my clothes Am looking at making a clothing line

We are Seeking for a Turkish Company in the names of : Mineral Processing Plant Copper Processing Plant Gold processing plant Silver processing plant Lead processing plant Zinc processing plant Cobalt processing plant Manganese processing plant.

Do you stock Engine spares Hv got tractor with a perkings Engine 700series and looking for spares

Am I want to send me the list of I I terms I have requested from you alternators 500kw to 10 MW .3 phase . I will buy the first at retail and second on wholesale.

What is the maximum higher capacity of the alternators do you produce

Most grateful if you can quote for the supply of the following Parts : MASSEY FERGUSON TRACTOR MF465 REF.01 No.1 Steering Pump 047806 T1 REF.02 No.4 Tie Rod End 04106 R1 REF.03 No.2 Ball Joint REF.04 No.2 Front Hub Assy 3764016M91 REF.05 No.4 Front Hub Bearing 5133737 REF.06 No.4 Front Hub Seals REF.07 No.2 Rear Hub Assy REF.08 No 4 Rear Hub Bearing REF.09 No.4 Rear Hub Seals REF.10 No.1 12V Alternator 62832663M91 REF.11 No.1 Steering Rod Regards

We would like to get in touch with manufacturers of equipment for making pasta (macaroni)

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