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I need jewelry bale suppliers Original text: Preciso de fornecedores de fardo de bijuteria

My name is Na****, and I am interested in acquiring water purification systems to start a business for purifying and distributing potable water in Angola. I am seeking efficient and practical solutions that can meet the needs of local communities and small businesses. I would like to request a quotation and detailed information on the following aspects: Types of Available Systems: Information on the different styles of water purification machines you offer, including filtration systems, reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, and any other relevant technology. Capacities and Specifications: Details on the purification capacities of each system, including the amount of water each machine can process daily and the technical specifications. Prices and Payment Terms: A price list for each type of system, including any financing options or payment terms. Maintenance and Technical Support Options: Information on the maintenance services and technical support available for the purchased systems. Import Logistics: Details about the shipping process to Angola, including freight costs, estimated delivery time, and any specific import requirements we should be aware of. I am interested in systems that are practical, durable, and easy to maintain, as I aim to implement a reliable and sustainable service for our community. Thank you in advance for your attention, and I look forward to your response with the requested information. I am available for any further clarification that may be needed.

We need 60 nos. 120W solar streetlight. so please provide a quotation for the same.

Hello, would you like to know more about the Company and how the import process works? Is it available for my country?

I would like to know about the second-hand clothes balloons

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