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Assalamy alleikym, Sizden kumaş sipariş etmek istiyorum, Kırgızistan'dayım, rulo fiyatı ne kadar? bana whatsapp'tan yaz lütfen

hello, I look for seats for stadium, standart of FIFA

Im looking for wheels on euro containers? 200*50

hi im looking for some wheels onb euro containers wholesale Wheels on euro containers 200*150 metal with and without breaks

I'm interested in buying clothes wholesale. Contact me on WhatsApp please.

we would like to purchase this items: TV lenses ZA12x4.5BERD-S10 lenses - 2 pcs. TV lenses Fujinon ZA22x7.6BERD-S10 - 6 pcs. Remote control of SS-13B lenses (budget option) - 8 sets Black Magic URSA Broadcast with B4 2/3 inch bayonet mount - 8 pcs.

We are interested in equipment for the production of metal cans... which you produce at your factory... in the near future we would like to visit Turkey and, if possible, see your factory... and if possible, look at the plant for the production of canned meat and vegetable meat....where metal cans from your plant are used... thank you with respect

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