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I need a machine that can automatically wash, fill, and cap plastic bottles of water. The bottles should be in sizes of 250ml, 500ml, and 1.5l.

I would like information on the cookware you sell and terms to suppliers who wish to distribute them

I would like information on the induction hobs you sell and terms to suppliers who wish to distribute them

please i want to find sourcing manufacturers of free-standing cookers. specifications are in the file attached. please let them know my email is ***** i am looking for a manufacturer who make free-standing cookers with custom logo. the specification are in the file attached

Hangar door. Automatic sliding/ folding door 16000mm wide and 8000mm high with a wicket door (900x2100) with emergency panic bar

Salutations. I hope this message finds you well. We are A*******, a legal consultancy firm in Kenya consulting on behalf of the ********* of Kenya on procument matters. I would like to invite your company to supply the ******** of Kenya with syringes. Requirements to procure. 100,000 cartons per items listed bellow: 1) 5mlBBrawn Luer lock syringe 2) 2.5ml reduced dead space syringe 3) Brawn Omnifix luer slip syrenge 4) 10ml ENFIT medicina syringe 5) 1inch Terumo needle 6) 2inch BD microlance needles( 50mm*1.1mm) 7) 1ml Reduced dead space syringe.

We are contacting you to invite you to supply the ******** of Kenya with nitrile gloves for medical purpose Specifications: Size small:15,000 boxes(100 pack) Size medium:25,000 Size large:15,000 Nitrile disposable gloves latex free, powder free(blue or milky white) Weight 5.5 grams Length 240mm Tensile strenth: 8 newtons Elongation rate:600% Palm thickness:0.12mm Finger thichness:0.14mm

I am Mr V******** from A**********, a legal consultancy firm in Kenya consulting on behalf of ******** on procument matters in this respect the procurement of mosquito nets SPECIFICATIONS PQ-11 Mosquito Net -LLIN, PE, 190x150x180cm Fabric weight30 gram per square meter +10% Enhanced durability21 + washes Flammability testClass 1 (16-CFR 1610CS191-53) Size190cm width x150cm height x180cm length Denier Polyester: 100 Polyethylene: 150 Suspension points 6 point loops made ColourWhite Materials Manufactured from 100% high density polyethylene OR polyester. Mesh size Minimum 130 holes per inch2

can i get this wheat drill in kenya? +25********3 my whatsapp contact for personal use in my farm

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