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N ve H Medikal Ithalat Ihracat A. S.

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year 6 YEAR

NH Medikal, which started its examination gloves adventure in 2011, continues to supply quality products to many sectors with a fast service approach. ​Continuity is at the forefront of the features that should be in the sector. Knowing the importance of this, we continue to supply our customers uninterruptedly . Since the first day, our most important principle has been to specialize in a product, to address all the needs of the sector and to make our customers happy. The aim is to grow and walk together with our clients beyond supplying products and making a profit in return. That is why we always consider our activities as a solution partnership. We will continue to work with determination to serve more fields by expanding the product portfolio according to the needs of different companies and individuals, and to make the Haspet trade mark the uppermost brand in the gloves market.

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