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With its strong infrastructure, Forie provides the opportunity to find new importers - exporters from all over the world, while increasing the international visibility of brands digitally.

United Kingdom I want to export shoes

I want to export comfortable sneakers and sandals for men, women and children

5 minutes ago
Live Import - Export System

With the "Live Import- Export System", which is one of the ways to find exporters in Forie, you can instantly reach your potential exporter who is miles away. You can instantly see the exporters (manufacturers and wholesalers) ready to sell the product you want to supply. Thanks to the live commercial request stream, where sales offers come instantly, you can contact the incoming sales offers and get the opportunity to quickly realize the trade you need.

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Active Company Database

With the active company database system, you can access exporters, importers, wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers and companies that provide services around the world. By searching the companies related to the target product from our system, you can reach the country that you want to trade and the approved companies and start trading easily.

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