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good morning , my name is *** **** and i work for a company that supplies parts to the bus and Coach industry. we have been asked by a customer to tender for supply of Wabco and Knoor Bremse products, would you be interested in quoting ?

We are interested in acquiring a comprehensive bowling set-up and installation package that includes all the necessary equipment, such as bowling lanes, pins, balls, scoring systems, seating arrangements, and any other essential components required for a fully functional bowling facility. Our aim is to provide a top-notch bowling experience for our customers in Benghazi. We kindly request you to provide us with a detailed quotation for the following: Bowling Lanes: Specify the number of lanes included in the package. Provide information about the materials used, lane dimensions, and any additional features Detail any warranty or maintenance services offered. Bowling Equipment: Specify the number and type of bowling balls and pins included. Provide information about the quality and durability of the equipment Include any accessories or spare parts provided. Scoring System: Describe the type of scoring system available Specify any additional features or customization options Outline any training or support provided for operating the scoring system. Seating Arrangements Provide details about the seating options available for spectators Mention any customization options or special features. Installation and Support: Outline your installation process and estimated timeframe Indicate any additional services offered, such as staff training or technical support.

Please can sombody contact me regarding a tender our compnay are working on for hygiene kits for the UN in Balochistan. I look forward to your reply.

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