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Dear Manager, For the tender, we need 156 pcs of road poles, either conical or octagonal in shape, in three segments, hot dip galvanized. 156 pcs are needed with L=10m and 2 rams-console. Can you please send us the offer and data sheet. Also, we need the certificate of quality for these projects.

we are a leading company in energy sector in Kosovo  and one of the biggest producer of LV panels in western balkan region . According to our projects and production continuity we need supplier for.1.LV FUSES AND DISCONNECTORS 2.CAPACITORS3.CURRENT TRANSFORMERS 4.Over voltage protection Type2, 4P, 25 kA We are happy to inform  you that we have an open a bidding for supplying us with components mentioned in our projects .Deadline for sending the offer is 04.05.2024

Kosova **** **** santrali için Pompa ve ek parçaları için ihaleye katılacağız Bu vesileyle termosantraller için Pompa üreticilerinin bize ulaşması ardından kendilerine teknik şartname ve projeleri gönderebiliriz. Saygılar

Elektrik kurumunda açılacak olan bir ihale projesi için trafo alımı gerceklesecek

Surgicel patties for tissue 1.2 x 4.5 cm - 10000 pieces (or as per your packages 1000x10pcs) Surgicel patties for tissue 1.3 x 7.5 cm - 6000 pieces ( or as per your packages 600x10pcs) Also are required ISO13485 and CE and authorization from you to attend to the tender. Can you send samples: Surgical patties for tissue 1.3 x 7.5 cm (1 package) Surgical patties for tissue 1.2 x 4.5 cm (1 package) (only these dimensions are acceptable and not approximate dimensions)

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