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ESD simulator guns (Electrostatic Discharge Generator/Electrostatic Gun/ESD Guns) is in full compliance with IEC 61000-4-2, EN61000-4-2, ISO10605, GB/T17626.2, GB/T17215.301 and GB/T17215.322.

Ben Mogolistandan yaziyorum ismim A***** bu adrese heat meter bilgilerinizi gonderebilir msnz? bize flow meter ve Heat meter lazim +976********9 whatsApp. telegram, viber

we need level indecator+tempreture+water level for oil storage tanks we have 5 oil storage tanks we need instrument

we are interested to establish a complete materials testing laboratory. we need to acquire the necessary devices to this end.

Measuring (Testing Instrument).....1pc We supply these goods to A**** A**** C*** R**** C****n A****

we are looking for PERTEN GLUTOMATIC System Model 70139 Serial Number 52158

would like to request a formal quotation for the following equipment: 1. Oil Breakdown Tester b80kV 2. DC Hipot -60kV and 120 kV 3. AC Hipot -100kV 4.Tangent Delta 5. Vlf Tester 60 and 80 kV 6. SF6 Gas Leakage Detector 7. Transformer Oil Filtering Machin 8. Transformer Voltage Ratio Tester | MT-PTTR-1B

Flexural strength testing machine for plaster 16*4*4 Gypsum bending stress measuring machine Sample 16*4*4cm

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