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I am an entrepreneur looking to manufacture coats with a great fit and of superior quality. I am looking to start out and develop a long term relationship with a manufacturing team that will work with me as I scale my company's growth. I would like to know information regarding coat manufactering. Do you make down coats? Do you work with fur trimmings at all? What is the miminum requirement for designing and manufacturing for a private label? What is the smallest and largest quantities you can accomodate? Which exhibitions do you come to?

My company want to enquiry about private label foodsupplement for Viet Nam market.

Bana iml label gerek. lyutfan whatsapp numara yazarmisiniz?

works in sales and intends to start a Hair Spray private label in Iraq. Please inform me if you can help me with this inquiry, and if yes, proceed by specifying a date to run an online meeting.

if you have this in your stock or you if you can make this custom GI sheet, please let us know 1. GI Sheet : a. Physical properties: 1. Thickness: (0.38~0.45) mm 2. Weight of roll: ≤ 5000 kg 3. Width of roll: 900-915 mm (GI Sheet must be supplied as roll) 4. Thickness of Zinc coating ≥ 0.015 mm (each side of GI Sheet) 5. Weight of Zinc coating ≥ 0.0225 gm per sq cm 6. Weight:Sheet unit weight according to size and coating 7. The surface of the sheet/roll is smooth, clean and free from all spotsand should have crystallized mild steel- checkered special galvanized layer b. Chemical composition & Mechanical properties: 1. Carbon: 0.15 % Maximum 2. UTS :27~52 kg/mm2 3. Elongation: ≥ 18% 4. Bending Test with standard: ≥ 6 times bending at 90 degree angle. 5. Peeling Test: No peeling at repeated 180 degree bending c. Packing: 1. The G I Sheet should be packed in roll will be wrapped with moisture/water proof paper on the top of the roll to protect moisture/water. After wrapping the roll should be covered with an extra G I Sheet and reinforced in three places with wrap (Two in two end & in middle). The inner & outer edges of the roll should be covered with angular sheet so that the edges of the rolled sheet should not affect for reinforcement. Than the roll to be fastened in lengthwise in four or more places as a required to avoid the looseness of roll. 2. The first sheet of each roll to be labeled with the following marking: (a) Name of manufacturer (b) brand Name (c) group No. (d) dimension and weight of each bundle (e) signature of the technical control department. 3. Galvanized roll can not be transported in any dirty carriages which carries NaCl, Ca(OH)2 and NH4CI. 4. Galvanized roll for delivery should be painted with neutralized mineral oil. 5. A certification is to be provided along with the delivery of each lot showing -name of manufacturer, weight, group No., dimension, results of tests and code No. of this standard. 6. Warrantee for 01 year after acceptance of the stores. d. 1. Country of origin: Group A Country 2. Country of manufacture: Country of Origin 3. Port of Shipment: Country of Origin. Kg 200000 2. GI Wire : Size: Dia 4.00±0.12 mm Technical Requirement: 1. Tensile Strength = 30-50 kg/mm2 2. Elongation= More than 10% 3. Carbon = 0.15-0.25% 4. Wt of Zinc Coating = More than 95 gm/M2 5. There should not have any ungalvanized spot on the surface of the wire. 6. The wire should pass the torsion test Kg 2000

roll labels for code printer thermal bars length 9.00cm thermal and non-thermal bar code labels

looking for watch supplier manufacturer in turkey or portugal for my white label watch brand

Our company would like to find the NOIX company who produce the ladies fashion clothes with label NOIX.

I am interested in creating my own lip balm from scratch with a private label.

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