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We request to become your distributors for Cables,Refrigerator copper coils,Refrigerator Products,Copper Strips and copper Earthing products We are interested in purchasing any of the following:

We are interested in purchasing 56 Bundles of Deformed Rebar Steel.

Please can you provide me the prices of the following items 1- full automatic oil pressure toe lasting machine 9 (claws) or pincer. qty. 1 2- new automatic heal lasting machine qty. 1 3- Wall Type All-purpose sole pressing machine qty. 1 4- High Speed refrigerating machine 4M qty. 1 5- pull- out last machine qty. 1 6- floating bottom line drawing machine. qty.1

We are very happy of writing to you a letter, but we have a client is interested in of purchasing cable wire from you please reply through our mail a address and we give full details. Hope to hear from you soon.

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