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want to buy rice Rice paddy Unhulled and unmilled rice

I want A4 papers but I don't know the different brands you can give me and once I know your brand I will make the choice. i need 8000rams destination Moroni Comoros

I would like to know the different A4 papers you make the minimum purchase possible? and the conditions of shipping and transport insurance?

I need paper A4 My WhatsApp contact me in WhatsAp

I want one container first time (WHEAT FLOUR). If the quality is good, the next shipment will be two or three containers and should be (25) kg and inside a plastic bag. Kraft paper should be packed and what is its expiry date and what is the (CNF) price

Dear suppliers : need a very good solar batteries gel 12v200A or batteries 12v 200 Amp lithium . Please . Urgent

I would like to purchase a greenhouse with a hydroponic system,the drip system.The trough method to be specific.We plan on growing tomatoes and cabbage. Any advice on the suitable hydroponic system for the above crops would be appreciated. The project is to be done on one acre of land.We would like the land to be divided into two greenhouses each with a coverage of half an acre. How much would this cost. Your response would be deeply appreciated.

Can you send me quot for this parts. Reference: Excavator Liebherr A902 Litronic 356 3392 Engine D904T 1 - water pump. 1pc 2 Cylinder head gasket kit. 1pc 3 - Crankcase and engine Block gasket set. 1pc 4 - piston ring. 4pc 5. - Rod bearing shell. 4pc 6 -Bearing bush. 5pcs

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