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We are Filter manufacturer from Turkey. Please contact with me for your filter requests.

We are producing STAINLESS STEEL FILTER CARTRIDGES, PLEATED FILTER CARTRIDGES, STRING WOUND & MELT BLOWN FILTERS, Melt Blown (SPUN) Filter Cartridges, Mikro Membrane Filter Cartridges. please contact with

I am sending you this fuel filter. Can you cooperate with me in preparing it?

We are customized filter manufacturer from Turkey. We produce Polyester Bag, Polypropylene Bag, Meta-Aramid (Nomex) Bag, Homopolymer Acrylic Bag, Ryton Bag, Polyimide Bag, Antistatic Bag. If you have any questions please reach me out:

We are custom filter manufacturer in Turkey. We are producing Compact Filter. Please reach out this email for your any questions

do you sell Mann filter if you have good prices VW golf 5 , golf 6 , golf 7 c 35 154 cuk 2939 hu 7008 z pu 936/1x c 30 005 \ cuk 26 009 pu 8008/1 hu 7020 hu 719/7x pu 825 x pu 936/2x mann filter art.number

We produce air, cabin, fuel and oil filters as our brand CarrinGo in our factories located in Türkiye. Also we supply auto spare parts as your requests.

We are custom filter manufacturer from Turkey. We are producing G3 & G4 Panel Filter, Polyurethane Panel Filter, Mesh Panel Filter, AC Granul Cartridge & Panel, AC Panel and Header Type Panel Filter.

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