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I have merchandise to offer to different markets, they are nuts, dried fruits, chickens, meat, pure honey, olive oil, beans, onions, Golden Linen, pumpkins, alfalfa, wine, olive oil, edible sunflower. I am looking for interested buyers to negotiate, yes.

The interest is to export live cattle. The types of cattle is angus and hereford breed

Machines for metal , Aluminium and Glass We are a company that supplies machinery and tools for metal ,Aluminun and Glass industries

we are a 60 years old company exporting sizing products for the textile industries in Brazil, China, India, Colombia, etc, looking for new customers. We have great products that can help you to save money in the process of sizing the cotton fabrics. You can use our products with starch or midified starch only, replacing all the other products within the sizing process saving money on handling, production time, mixing mistakes, time, etc.

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