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Represent company ******* from Lviv region, Ukraine (40 km from Polish border), website - https://www.********.com/ We are starting bioethanol production in August 2024, our initial QTY will be next: - Bioethanol/solvent – 150 CBM-AA/day (will increase to 300 CBM-AA/day till end of 2024) - Corn DDGS – 150 T/day Please, let me know if you could have some interest in the mentioned above products, would be great to establish a contact and start cooperation when we run with production.

Good afternoon There is raf oil. Subs 5l and 1l for export. 200 tons. If you are interested, please write

Request for cooperation (purchase of tobacco blends in Turkey) My name is St******. We are planning to sell tobacco blends for hookahs under own brand in Ukraine. We plan to order ready-made tobacco blends from you. Could you please give us contact details of an employee in your company to discuss the details of cooperation?

Our hardwood lump charcoal is sustainably sourced from select waste wood of lumber industries across Indonesia, without cutting down a single living tree. Through our proprietary carbonization process we turn hundreds of millions of pounds of prequalified waste wood every year into the highest quality, premium lump charcoal with high calories, low sulfur and low ash content.

Standard length kiln dried logs that will fit 99% of wood burning or multi-fuel stoves. Log length = 25cm logs (9.8 inches). Tolerance on length is +/- 10%. Log diameter = 5 -15cm (2 – 6 inches) measured across widest point of the log.

Wood briquettes RUF, PINI KAY, NIELSEN, NESTRO Wood sawdust briquette fuel is a 100 % environmentally-friendly solid fuel. Briquettes are produced of wood sawdust, therefore they are classified as recoverable energy fuel. Modern German RUF presses are used for production of briquettes. Wood briquettes are characterized by high density of compression, what leads to a perfect burning and high thermal efficiency. Wood sawdust briquettes produced by Bio Wood UAB perfectly suit for any type of solid fuel boilers.

Wood chip products are a versatile and widely used material that have numerous applications in our daily lives. They are made from a variety of wood species and are commonly produced by shredding or chipping the wood into small pieces using specialized equipment. Wood chips have many unique properties that make them ideal for a wide range of applications, from energy production to landscaping and agriculture.

Wood pellets 6mm - 8mm ENplus A1 Class A1 are premium wood pellets used in private household boilers or stoves. They have a high calorific value and produce the least amount of ash, about 0.5%-0.7%. ENplus® A1 wood pellets are made from either hardwood or softwood, homogeneous or mixed. Class A2 is used in larger installations.

Since 2020 our company has been a leader in the agricultural market of Ukraine and is the largest exporter of agricultural products, feed for livestock and poultry, biofuels, food products. Extensive experience in exporting wheat, corn, soybeans, barley, peas, sunflower seeds, rapeseed. Agricultural products - sunflower meal, wheat bran, corn bard. Food products - wheat flour of the highest grade, bottled and bulk sunflower oil, butter, beet sugar of 1 category, poultry and cattle meat.

Description. - The reel is a five-lane, two-center, anti-winding reel with metal rollers that ensure the longevity of the blade tilt mechanism; - The knife drive is a Schumacher gearbox with a vertical pulley arrangement, which eliminates the use of cross-belt transmissions and, as a result, increases the service life of the drive belt; - Compensator - spring-loaded, eliminates the lag of the right field wheel of the reaper and its injury; - Hydraulic system - high-pressure hoses, the use of which allows to increase the reliability and service life of hydraulics, as well as simplify the maintenance of lines; - The reel drive is belt-driven and does not require the installation of an additional safety clutch; - Shock absorber - spring, provides copying of the field relief by the cutting unit; - Knife clamping - adjustable, allows you to easily and accurately maintain the gap between the segment and the countercutting plate, which is necessary for a high-quality cut of crops.

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