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We are a manufacturer of screw-related molding and the experts in customization services for over 20 years’ experiences We are looking forward to your possible inquiry and hope you will browse our website to see the products and services we can help you with Peggy Yang Y* T* M*** E******* Co., Ltd. Tel: +8**********

Connectors Recommended and want to become a Supplier, Website as : http://www.*******

Distributer to handle selling our spindle applied in cnc machine in Turkey .

Eco-friendly, softer hand feel and brighter than film. Better price.

We specialized in 2D/ 3D scanner and expertise in custom made solution integration for SW/ HW. We are happy to inform you we had several success cases for pan-Euro/ American recycle machine partners. Furthermore, we co-develop these items and ready to ship in the 2024. For we see a trend here, we'd like to invite you for further discussion with our team.

Sayın Bay / Bayan, Yeni DTF Kağıdı, Kolay Sıcak Soyma özelliğiyle.

We are manufacturer of professional grade air powered pneumatic tools, such as air sanders, impact wrenches, air screwdrivers, air grinders....., founded in 2003, located in Taiwan.

Air Powered Pneumatic Tools Mini Impact Wrench We are manufacturer of professional grade air powered pneumatic tools, such as air sanders, air impact wrenches, air screwdrivers, air grinders...., founded in 2003, located in Taiwan.

We’d like to recommend our products is tool safety rope-- Anti-fall rope—pulling force 100kgs more --PLASTIC SPRING COIL WITH WIRELESS INSIDE as above,the goods be produced from Taiwan with good quality,good elasticity。 If it’s suitable for your sales market,we would provide samples for your testing。

We are leading manufacturer for the cash module devices. We specialize in the technology of banknote acceptance and counterfeit devices (for both bill and coin identification). Our main production line include bill acceptor, bill dispenser, coin acceptor, hopper, card dispensor and printer. TOP is not only expertise on the cash module technology, but also offering the customer with integrated solution system. We are now eagerly expending our OEM business by providing the customized application in the market for diverse industries such as gaming, amusement kiosk, retail, transportation and vending industry. The finished products are such like vending machine, claw machine, arcade machine, and self-checkout cashier. Please don't hesitate to contact me for the further request.

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