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The biggest and major exporter of bay leaf product in the Middle East, Syria . Our company offers high-quality bay leaves collected with love and commitment to the ethics and phytosanitary standards of the globe. For over 20 years of dedicated work and loyalty for every aspect regarding bay leaves,  we have earned much expertise to the extent that it has become an Indispensablely integral part of our life -- a routine . So, you gentlemen  can consider us as the golden peak of the  pyramid of bay-leaves business. We are always  here to hear from  you and ready  to join our hands together and say: " we shall be the winners because  one hand cannot clap but two can surely do so" . You need not fear anything  as long as we are here  like a sword on your back and cooperates with one another. Finally, if you are unreluctant to be our agent, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are a company in the Middle East, which manufactures and exports bay leaves and other spices with an unlimited capacity. We were wondering about the possibility of having mutual relationship regarding spices. It is really important for us to work with active and long-term buyers . If interested, please do not hesitate to contact us.

‏We have second class railways ‏The price depends on the quantity - one million tons or more. The price is $210 and can arrive at any port in the world ‏We would like to inform you that the cross-border delivery mechanism is as follows: ‏1- Request to purchase a letter of intent ‏2- Approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ‏3- Sending the commercial invoice issuance fees. According to quantity. ‏4- Issuing the commercial invoice and issuing the delivery contract. ‏5- Send a bank balance of MT705 with a bank guarantee to purchase the full quantity, or send an enhanced bank balance of MT700. ‏6- After accepting the credit, a penalty clause will be sent to guarantee performance at a rate of 20% in favor of the buyer

We are ready to secure contracts with those wishing to purchase phosphate according to the Syrian technical specifications, noting that the Syrian phosphate is distinguished by excellent technical specifications and at very reasonable prices. Delivery is FOB, the port of Tripoli in Lebanon, and Lebanese papers, and the monthly quantity is not less than 50,000 metric tons.

Hello Looking for an importer of capers gladly thank you very much

We Can export each month 25000 M/T Phosphate . price F.O.B. Tartous Syria . Any enquiry we can send specifications

I found a large amount of quartz stone, approximately two kilograms of it

We are agents of phosphate production networks and we have large quantities of phosphates of all kinds

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