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Brand new protection case for insulin pumps. Waterproof, Shockproof, Heatresistance. Companies can contact us for price, delivery, shipment, price negotiation

I am reaching out to express our interest in exploring a potential collaboration with your esteemed organization. ***** is a Swedish hair care brand specializing in the sale of unique natural hair oil encapsulated in biodegradable, environmentally friendly, and practical capsules. Our products are CPNP registered and shipped directly from our warehouse in Stockholm.

We can supply flour of Ukrainian origin, prepare products in the desired quality and packaging and present them to you.

sunflower oil, fryer oil originating from Ukraine. We can supply these products in first quality in the desired packaging, please contact us to obtain some by truck or ship.

We can supply microwave ovenware, paper bags and pizza boxes. Please contact us for the best prices according to the desired product.

Hi, I want to find companies in Turkey that can sell my products to mining companies We are looking for someone to sell our products in Turkey. We are a prodcer Polymers, antiscalants, defoamers, surfactants We are no.3 in the world for these products and also coagulants

A****** **** is a supplier of eco paper cups with a stand out design.

I was happy when I saw a Swedish company that wants to import sesame seeds. With the help of reliable contacts in Ethiopia, I have the opportunity to import high quality Sesame seeds from Ethiopia for a reasonable price compared to other countries.

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