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MY name is Naasir I am the supplier, we sell the Sesame, and Frankincense, we sell the best price oneath. If we agree the price I'm ready to provide all the information and I will sell it to you if you are ready. Our location is Mogadishu, Somalia, East Africa. Thanks and good cooperation

We have A company here in Somalia we work export import we're looking buyer of leather since Somalis have's largest number of animals Thank you

We provide the below services, and here is our profile. Transportation Services Procurement services for food supplies, hygiene kits, water trucking, and other goods Warehousing services Vehicle lease services Documentation, filling, and design services Office and guesthouse supply services Office furniture and other equipment services Accommodation and training facilitation services Clearance and Forwarding distribution of goods Sea, land, and air shipments

we offer a wider selection of gums myrrh gum, frankincense, opoponax olibanum and ole gum plan our gums naturally grown and they are organic. low prices and higher quality

recently, I have extracted a sample of 1 ton of argon oil and It is currently in store. I am reaching you out to let you know that I have a source of this oil that can last forever. If you are interested and ready to make use of this oil, I will be more than happy to help you get it and I will send a sample in advance to check product purity and quality. Thanks

I own a new company To export A Rare metals platinum like Rhodium You can contact me

We export soybean , we need a costumer who buys our Products.

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