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Hello, i am inquiring about exporting chia seeds from Rwanda to Dubai & USA.

We are suppliers of edible halal beef tallow

I am looking for potential buyers of bananas (sweet bananas), fresh pineapples, and fresh carrots from Turkey.

I would like to find interested companies to whom I can supply chia seeds and Quinoa seeds

We are a coffee farmer, processor and exporter ( green coffee Red Bourbon Arabica Beans) from Rwanda. 10 Containers (Speciality Coffee Grade A, Screen 15', 81-82, 83-84, 85-86% SCA Note, FOB)

We wouldn't love to know if you can buy mutton from rwanda, we have all standards

I grow avocados in Rwanda in several hectares I have in Rwanda farming chia seeds on 10 Ha. Need make business accord with interested manufacturers to furnish at least 100 tons a year

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