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Oil supplying from Iran, Russia, Turkey. We’re in the direct contact with sunflower and cooking oil companies. We provide oil supply according to your request. You can contact us via WhatsApp. Please let us product details your looking for, quantity and target price. Have a good day.

We are a company that offers very advantageous prices on transformer radiators from Turkey. Feel free to contact us for your questions.

We are in direct contact with refineries in Brasil and Russia. Please contact vis WhatsApp with the info, sugar type, amount and target price. We supply both type sugar cane or beet sugar.

We work with one of the largest manufacturers in Iran and sell Urea46 with a price advantage. For detailed information, you can contact us via WhatsApp by providing the following information: Quantitiy / Target price Have a nice day.

We supply plywood directly from manufacturers in China, Thailand and Malaysia. We provide products with cost advantage in different wood types and qualities. You can contact us via WhatsApp for detailed information. We kindly ask you to specify the type of playwood you want, your purchase quantity and your target price in your message.

We have cashew and dry fruits with good price. Please contact for details with the infos: The product name and spec(If you have), quantities and target price.

We have created a broker network that provides services in many areas, especially food, agricultural industries, petroleum products, iron and steel, machinery and machinery equipment. We work to bring together incoming import requests and exporter brands and products approved by the undersecretariat of commerce with the right people.You can reach us by e-mail to reach different buyers by sharing your product prices and catalogs with us, and to reach companies or intermediaries that can offer fast and reasonable prices for your purchase requests.We kindly ask you to write your field of work in the e-mail subject, explain the subject of your work in your e-mail, and forward your catalogs, if any.

hello from lima peru we are coal miners producing high quality antracite looking for long term serious buyer

Our catalogue boasts a diverse selection, including Quinoa, Maca, Chia, Baby quinoa, Amaranth, Cocoa, Snacks, Extruded products, Banana flour, Ginger, Yacon syrup, Coffee, Purple corn, Lucuma, Maras salt (salt of the Incas) and Panela.

I want to sell products from Peru, how do I do it? agricultural products, sea products, natural products, species (Turnerick, Annato, Ginger, garlic, etc.) and others from Peru.

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