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we manufacture all kind of hemp products like bags, hats, clothes etc..

I am manufacture Nepali handmade carpet to local exporter. My future planing is export my own way if any importer interests then we should start business tohether.

I'm from Nepal.... on my product Black Cardamom in Nepalese Products are sale to there... both import and export system

Exporter of essential oil like lemongrass oil ,German chamomile oil ,Sichuan Piper oil and herbal teas like chamomile flower,and lemongras leaves in bulk.

i want to sell felt products I want to export Wool dryer balls, Handmade Felt toys

We Manufacture Various Types of Handmade items Such as Coaster, Wool Dryer Balls, Purse, Bags, Animals Toys, Christmas Items, Christmas Tree, Christmas Decor Items, We also manufacture customize products.

So I wanted to inquire if your company is interested to buy them from us. If yes, we would be privileged to send you a sample of black cardamom.

Actually I am looking company who wants labour nepalese worker.

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