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We are searching for a company that can take from Malta Copper wire for recycling. And a company that can take Plastic for Recycling (mixed plactic)

We are a company specializing in pet food I would like to send you our catalog 2021

. We have very good rates and reliable service for your full load containers from Turkey to Malta

We have about 7000 tons of wool for sale.

I am searching for potential buyers for a Steel Nail Manufacturing plant.

We are a small company from Malta which manufacture and sell paints and other finishing materials. Kindly would like to know if your company would be interested in working with us with such materials and paints. Also we need to know if you have an other agent or supplier here in Malta. If you're interested please let us know to be able to discuss further in detail any of your proposal. We look forward for your immediate reply.

Available to sell as used (as is) or for scrap. Maker: SCM, model: HQ-3028. The total weight of each crane (including the body, jib, sheaves and cargo block) = 52.968 T 8 cranes x 52.968 T = 423.774 T (4 cranes per vessel x 2 vessels).

The company is based in Malta and is it with main activity of importing and exporting food and beverage products, oral care, cosmetics and cleaning materials . We have large collection of cosmetics and cleaning products If you are interested of doing business together please let me know and I will send you a full product list with price and shipping cost.

we would like to expand our business with Turkey and therefore would appreciate a list of Turkish Manufacturers for the White Goods Industry, such as Vestel

We are the official manufacturers of TOLY picture hooks (Small,standard,large) and also TOLY plant and creeper wall clips. I am looking for a Supplier in Turkey who would be interested in buying such products and distribute them. We can deliver these items in bulk unpacked units or also readily packed in official TOLY packaging (ready to sell) Please can you help us?

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