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We are the leading palm oil manufacturer in Malaysia with over 20 years of experience. Our products are 100% Vegetable Cooking Oil. 1. Vegetable Cooking Oil 2. Origin : Malaysia 3. Grade : CP8 & CP10 4. Pure and Natural 5. Rich in Vitamin E Product RBD Palm Olein, Vegetable Ghee, Shortening, and Margarine ASFAR-Oils is 100% premium grade palm olein. Rich in Anti-Oxidnat ( Vitamin A, D & E), Cholesterol-Free, GMO- Free and Trans-Fatty. Application Use in industrial and household frying, fast food preparation, cooking and salad.. Benefit Pure and Natural goodness Rich in Vitamin E GMO Free Cholesterol Free No Artificial Additives or Preservatives Trans Fat Free CP8 FFA ( MAX) : 10 M & I (MAX) : 10 IV (MIN) : 56 Colour (MAX) : 3R SMPT (MAX) : 22 Cloud point : 8 CP10 FFA ( MAX) : 10 M & I (MAX) : 10 IV (MIN) : 56 Colour (MAX) : 3R SMPT (MAX) : 24 Cloud point : 10

i am looking for rubber hose buyer we are manufacturer we looking for turkey buyer

We are industrial used machinery trading company We selling used inject machine for sales

I'm looking for business Im exporter of SURGICAL LATEX GLOVE from MALAYSIA

I am looking for margarine manufacturers to promote my functional ingredients in there production. Also Chocolate manufacturers.

We are Malaysia palm oil refinery and repacking company , we are currently provide doing export to Turkey with good price on palm oil for grade CP8 and CP10 , we do also have Malaysia halal cert for our product . Please do not hesitate to what’s app us or email us for any question and enquiries . You are welcome and we are ready to serve you

We are supplier of all kinds of edible cooking oils as listed below : 1️⃣ Sunflower Oil 2️⃣ Corn Oil 3️⃣ Palm Oil 4️⃣ Soybean Oil 5️⃣ Canola Oil 6️⃣ Used Cooking Oil 7️⃣ Jatropha Oil 8️⃣ Peanut Oil

I am interested to collaborate with potential distributor to sell our premium coconut milk

Our company is a recruitment agency with a government license and offices in four countries in Asia. Our interest is that we will supply workers from Bangladesh and Nepal to Turkish manufacturing companies, in product areas such as meat, clothing and others. We also have a group of skilled welders, electricians and similar who are registered with our company.

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