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Madagascar Requests

You are viewing Selling Post posts from Madagascar

I would like to offer you our spices and flavoring products: such as peppers, vanilla, ginger, moringa, etc... What differentiates us from others is the quality of our products and we can send orders to abroad without you having to worry about transport; beyond certain quantities we can send for free.

We are a society in Madagascar who are a producer and supplier of Natural Essential Oil. We have our OWN essential Oil who can make your product different faced on your competitor in the market. I send you in the attachment our product list including local prices with monthly productions.

We are producer of cloves and all types of vanilla from Madagascar. We supply the best spices with a competitive Price. Contact : +26*********9

We are a company that is specialized in the production of premium vanilla of many kinds which are 100% bio. We are settled in Madagascar and offer you the best quality of Malagasy vanilla in the world.

I would like to know if we can collaborate together based on raw cashew from Tanzania.

Can you help me for looking for partner for m product, I want to export my product.

We are producers and exporters of Vanilla grown in Madagascar. We Sell: vanilla powder, pods, seeds, paste and vanilla extract, both for patisseries, laboratories, confectioneries, gelato shops, grocery stores and for industry. We offer promptness, seriousness, and the possibility to make your Vanilla in packaging with personalized labels on request. Attached you will find a short presentation of our company and a picture with a model of personalized labels.

We offer various goods from Madagascar such as: essential oils

We offer various goods from Madagascar such as: spices

i'm looking for partner to take my product, i have so much product of Vanilla

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