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We produce spaghetti , wheat flour , tomato paste , couscous , juice and milk . We have exported abroad and are ready for any cooperation to grow in this market The company produces and markets its own brands to international standards and exports these products to countries in Europe, America, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. The goal of the company is to increase sales of its own brand in international markets and it appears to have achieved this goal to a large extent through competitive prices and quality brands.

Hello, I am a seller of used motor oils from Libya. I provide excellent quantities monthly

We have large quantities ready for export Stadium rubber granules are of high quality and free of impurities. SBR playground rubber granules powder

I'm looking for companies in Turkey which they buy electronic scrap.

I own a tire recycling plant hi how are you ok I have scrap tires for sale in Libya

We are offering bunch of services that include help business people to attend business and trade events such as fairs , exhibitions , workshops and conferences we also organize our own events Our services covers also Businessmen services from A to Z such as getting business vis

Do you have a desire to import mangoes and strawberries?

paper products can supply with high quality paper cups 6 and 3 oz

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