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Selamunaleykum Biz kirgistandan yaziyiruz. Ceviz satiyoruz Bu sene ortalama 500 ton

As a producer of wet blue leather in Kyrgyzstan of A,B & C grade. I want to look up for opportunity to export wet blue to Turkey. I am interested in turkey import prices and grades that are in demand. Thanks in advance. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Tonaj bazında çekirdekli ve çekirdeksiz siyah erik getiririz.

Wholesale of steel reinforcement bars of steel grades A400C and A500C with a diameter of 10 to 18 mm

We are steel manufacturing plant located in Kyrgyzstan. We produce steel rebars of different diameters and now want to introduce our products to a Turkish steel market.

We want to sell cotton fiber separated from seeds!

I want to sell my beans in Turkey That is, to find those persons who buy in volume

I wanted to know if you accept beans in large volumes? we are representatives from kyrgyzstan. and would like to offer you beans

Hello We from Kyrgyzstan wanted to export walnuts, prunes from Kyrgyzstan to Turkey

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