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Algerian Deghlet Noor Dates in cluster, stems, pitted and paste available

I am a young entrepreneur and I am interested in launching a fragrance line. The idea is still very fresh, but as an avid lover of perfume this is a journey I am 100% committing myself to. I would like to know, how you can help me with beginning my journey, formulations, marketing, etc. I live in Ireland, so how would that effect working with your company abroad?

We can offer a service for loading shipping containers with any product and would like to get a list of companies which we can target

I have sesame seeds to supply to your company if you are interested

Hello, My name is ***. I work as an OEM Sales Engineer for *** which is in the west of Ireland. *** is the largest independent wholesale distributor of farm machinery parts, agricultural components, spares and tine to the agricultural trade sector in Ireland. We have been in business for over 35 years and have built our reputation on our product quality and range as well as our flexible and customer friendly service. We supply to the farming, engineering and hardware trades. At the mo

xxxxxxxx is a local and international business management firm based in republic of Ireland. We are endowed with the ability to find out business opportunities for organisations and capable of providing growth strategic strategies to SMEs and Large Companies facing growth challenges and economic turbulences within and outside their business environment. Although we based in Ireland, we can extend our operations to Northern Ireland which is part of United Kingdom. Furthermore, as a registered co

We manufacture the new Air-Operated Cutlery Polishers. They are fully automatic and are integrated with the dishwasher. It is a seamless system, as the Operator takes a tray of washed cutlery from the dishwasher and places the tray directly into the polisher chamber, switches it on and, then returns to other duties. In just 5 minutes the tray of polished cutlery is removed from the polisher. No labour involved, fast and, effective.

for over 30 years, bms has been an industry leader in the design, development and manufacture of technology based industrial products. we are located in limerick in the mid-west of ireland just minutes from ireland’s major transatlantic airport, shannon. we are recognized by our customers as a leading innovator in our chosen technologies and have a reputation for consistently exceeding their expectations. our belief in finding technological solutions for our target markets has propelled the com

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