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I have this compressor for sale. If anyone is interested in it. I can bring it to Türkiye. If you can, you can help me sell it.

I'm an Indivial and company we can offer you spare parts in Iraq to Turkey

We are a company in iraq that provide auto spare parts, if you are interested to import spare parts to Turkey, we can discuss.

My name is y***** from iraq and I want to deal with you in wholesale screen glass protector wholesale

I am a Turk living in Iraq and I am bringing products from Turkey and at the same time I work as an engineer in a Turkish company I can approve this product to you and I will deliver it to your door until the transportation service and if we agree after the day you request, you will have it in your hands within 2-3 working days Let me know how many parcels you want, I leave my mobile number, I am in Baghadat, if you want, contact me and I will help you

Ben Türkiye vatandaşıyım eşimde Irak lı, eşim gas and oil mühendisi şuan Irak tayız ve motor yağ işi yapıyoruz Türkiye ile ticaret yapmak istiyoruz

I want to sell products I have a source for processing wheat flour order And I have sources to supply sunflower oil order The number is only from within Türkiye

Cosmetics. Private Label. High-quality. Serum. Cream. Shampoo. Soaps. Kapsul. Food supplements. We are in Izmir-Turkey We produce cosmetics for export. We have brand Murraya and we can working for private Label brand.

We have a European-certified dermal filler that has been approved and registered by Turkey's health ministry. We were on the lookout for distributors. I was wondering if your company distributes dermal fillers in Turkey. If so, I'd like to learn more about your procedure.

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