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We are the biggest peat mining company in Georgia, also we're producing soils for plants Our company planning to produce new mix with coconut coir Can you please connect me with coconut coir exporters from Turkey?

Hello. Tell me, does your plant accept used car batteries, volume 20,000 kg. At what price?

4000 tons/year of sugar cubes per year.. 1500 tons/year powdered sugar.. 100 million pieces/year of stick candy.. i have a single paper wrapped candy production of 200 tons/year.

Our enterprise is a manufacturer of full-rational balanced compound feed, BMVD and premixes. Thanks to the integration of the ISO 22000 international standard at the enterprise, we guarantee high safety and quality of our processes production and sale of fodder.

We offer kid's clothing with exclusive design, also We are able to adapt to the needs of our customers because we have our own Sewing Factory.

Our company has an outstanding track record both domestically and internationally, serving as a reliable exporter of premium products produced at our Russian facilities. Our wood pellets and sunflower husk pellets strictly comply with international quality standards, which is confirmed by the necessary certificates and full export documentation.

Hello, I am a grain sorghum producer from Georgia and I am looking for a sorghum buyer

We are Sorghum Georgia producing grain sorghum. This year we have up to 200 tons of sorghum. Three varieties Yanka, Bianca and Sentinel. Georgia has very good conditions for growing sorghum and our goal is to find a market where we can sell our products and a reliable partner. Please contact us for cooperation.

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