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Gambia Requests

You are viewing Selling Post posts from Gambia

I have tires and rubbers from scrabbed cars Do you need I have more than 50tones of scrap car irons , 100s of tires , tone of car fenders / rubber

I want to know if your company want to buy ammonium sulfate. I work for a company that sells ammonium sulfate

Hello am from Africa wanted to know if you guys buy mangoes

We inform you that we are Suppliers of aquatic plants, live freshwater fish, Birds, Reptiles and Amphibians in West Africa. We have two seats in Guinea Conakry and The Gambia. We are able to supply all of our Importing Customers who will be interested in our goods in good condition.

I am a referral agent, I try to link up suppliers and buyers of various products, worldwide, in return for a commission.

I have a mandet to sell scrap metal in stock in 3 west African countries class 1A hevy metal we can suply up to 1500 tones for12 months

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