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Dear Importers, We are pleased to offer premium wild blueberries sourced directly from the pristine forests of Finland. Our blueberries are available in both fresh and dried forms, ensuring you receive the highest quality product to meet your needs. Product Offerings: Fresh Wild Blueberries: Hand-picked, carefully selected, and promptly shipped to maintain optimal freshness. Dried Wild Blueberries: Naturally dried to preserve their rich flavor and nutritional value. For more details and to discuss your specific requirements, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

We are innovative IoT solutions for businesses in various industries. Our mission is to help businesses leverage the power of IoT to enhance their operations, streamline their processes, and ultimately achieve their goals. With a dedicated team of experts and a wide range of cutting-edge IoT solutions, we provide businesses with the tools and support they need to thrive in today's competitive market.

Looking for the customers for my HEAVY EQUIPMENTS & PILING RIGS and PILING HAMMERS wit POWER PACKS.

m representing company wich is hemp fiber manufacturer from Finland. We are developing hemp fibers for spinning. We do only mechanical process, decortication, cottonization. We produce some winter retted and spring harwested fibers wich are lighly coloured, pleached by spring sun UV-rays.

hello can you inform me who are the firms which use arctic berries in production

We are producers and sellers of logistics units for food producers mainly for dairy producers one of the leading in that field worldwide. We usually fly via Istanbul to Asia.But we have no established contacts in Turkey. We could stop in Turkey for a day or so to make a presentation when the Corona epidemy hopefulle this autumn is over

We offer different kind of waste papers for delivery to Turkey

i am looking for companies who is interested in in buying raw sheabutter and cashew

we offer pallet timber from Lithuania, Belars, please contact us if you are interested in cooperation

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